New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom

School to Farm Lessons

General Worksheets

A variety of general agriculture worksheets taken from our Farm & Forest Activity Book. Select which pages are most appropriate for your class.


  • From A Family Farm Near You (5 minute video)
    A tour of a dairy farm to see where milk comes from
  • Follow Milk's Journey From Farm To Table (5 minute video)
    How milk gets from the cow to the store and safety precautions along the way
  • A Day Without Dairy
    In this lesson, students will create, read, and interpret graphs relating to the economic importance of the dairy industry and be challenged to understand the economic consequences of a day without dairy.
  • Cow to You: A Virtual Visit to Two New England Dairy Farms, Made Possible By: New England Dairy & Food Council
    Help your students make a personal connection to the people and families responsible for producing the nutritious dairy products they enjoy every day. Students virtually visit two Vermont dairy farms through online - 360-degree videos that let them explore on their own as they learn how New England dairy farmers care for their cows and help protect our environment with sustainable farming practices and 21st-century technology.



  • Bartering Through the Seasons
    Students will learn about the seasons, become familiar with the process of wool production, and explore how trade and barter have historically allowed people to satisfy their needs and wants.
  • From Wool to Wheel
    Students will investigate the importance of wool in colonial America and compare and contrast the differences between processing wool then and now. Students will spin, weave, and dye wool and watch videos illustrating how wool was processed in colonial times and how it is processed today.
  • How to Harvesting Wool – Amazing Sheep Factory – Wool Processing Mill




  • Caring for the Land
    Students will explain why people have different opinions regarding soil management and identify cause and effect relationships relating to agriculture and the environment.
  • Nutrients for Life
    Five STEM lessons teach plant and soil science, while using gardening to make the lessons fun, interactive, and educational. Intended for elementary science grades 3-4.
  • Seed Soil Sun Educators' Resource Guide


And There's more...

  • Farmer George: The Seeds of a Presidency
    Students will read two books and pursue a process of inquiry to profile George Washington, understanding and evaluating the personal characteristics that made him a great leader while also exploring historical and modern food systems.
  • Test Tube Hydroponics
    Students will investigate the importance of nutrients for plant growth and discover how plants grow without soil by growing and observing plants in a test tube hydroponic system.
  • Discover Christmas Trees
    This lesson is composed of six learning activities to teach about the Christmas tree. Science, history, and geography topics are used to explore the history of the Christmas tree, life cycle of a conifer, types of trees and how they adapt, work on a Christmas tree farm, and the ecology of conifer trees.
  • Pumpkins...Not Just for Halloween
    Students will learn a variety of subjects including history, science, nutrition, and math through the study of pumpkins. Activities include estimating the size and weight of pumpkins, sprouting pumpkin seeds, and making pumpkin pie in a bag.
  • Corn an A-maizing Plant: Food, Fuel and Plastic
    Students will examine the growth, composition, history, and uses of corn through a close reading activity, discussion of renewable and non-renewable resources, and hands-on exploration of bioplastics made from corn.
  • Horse and Rider
    Students will explore the role that horses have played in culture and history by learning about draft horses in agriculture and mapping Pony Express stations across the state of Utah.